Beacon College vs UCF basketball team (women)

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4 min readFeb 26, 2022


It’s been almost two years since Beacon College played a basketball match. The last time they played, they lost by 113–63 against the Florida state school. So let’s wait and watch how they play against a strong team like the UCF basketball team after a long break of two years.

Beacon College’s women’s team started on a good note, and we are looking forward to how they will work on their attack and defence. One of the players from team Beacon was amazing; I think they have potential in scoring more baskets. At the same time, their defence has been solid. Once again, we saw another basket by one of the players from team Beacon. They have been involved in great plays, which helped the confidence of the team.

On the other hand, I also notice the UCF team is leaving no stone left unturned in terms of scoring baskets against the Beacon women’s basketball team. To be honest, they also have confidence, creating the best plays as much as they can. As far as team sports is concerned, you cannot predict who can be the winner or the loser, but we can look forward for a great match in the court.

As we reach halftime, I can only say either of these two teams have the potential to win. With this, the defence is doing a wonderful job as they keep the opposite in check so they don’t concede any points from the opposition. After this, team Beacon tried to capture to get three penalty points, but they failed and are in the process of scoring another point in their basket.

Once again, the defence of team Beacon did a tremendous job in keeping ahold of the opposition, scoring the points off them. Apart from that, team Beacon is in very high spirits to win the match, and this knocked off the confidence of the opposition team. That was a stunning effort by the defence department of team Beacon, but their style of play is boosting their morale and keeping their strength in defence of being themselves.

That’s what’s terrific about team Beacon; they are marching well with their defence and attack well balanced in the play. Furthermore, they just had a great rebound to save a point from the opposition. Nevertheless, all is going well so far. The UCF team made an incredible display and just scored a point, but I am confident that team Beacon can make up for that mistake. We reach halftime, and I am looking forward to the second half of the game.

After the break, team Beacon is on some kind of roll. Let’s see how they perform in the second half. Team Beacon has started in the most positive manner, where they can look forward in scoring more points in this half. The pass from team Beacon was a little sloppy, but they can make it better. They made up with a perfect shot from one of the players. I think the shot from the players in the Beacon women’s team was one of the best shots I have ever seen. The defence made it up from their previous mistake, and they are on the right track.

On the other hand, I noticed that UCF’s defence was not up to the mark as far this match is concerned. I certainly feel the UCF team should try to focus more on defence instead of attacking against a strong team like Beacon. At the bottom line, I can make a point that they can be the champion team in the future if they work on that area.

There is a marvellous effort by team Beacon, as they defend a point from the opposition. But I still feel there is a lot of time left where either of these teams can win a thriller like this. It was a great effort by team Beacon to defend a point from the opposition, but they kept their efforts by being in the momentum to score a basket from anywhere. It’s just a matter of self-belief where these girls can score, which can be a match winning performance from them. It happened from an excellent point by one of the players from team Beacon and they are in the process of scoring more points.

There was a stunner from one of the players from team Beacon. They also backed it up with a great defence, and we are quite confident that they can challenge the opposition to stay alive in the match. Another great shot by one of the players from team Beacon. With this, team Beacon cannot lose the match, and they don’t need to be carried away or get overconfident while being in the game.

Once again, the defence of team Beacon is excellent. I feel they are in a wonderful position and this match should be a piece of cake. I am overjoyed with how Beacon College’s women’s team is playing at this moment. This shows that their hard work has paid off. I hope they can continue in the future.

Unfortunately, the UCF basketball team won by 43–22 against the Beacon College women’s team. I believe both teams played extremely well, and we wish them all the best for the rest of the season.



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