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Chennaiyin FC looks forward for a perfect show against Odisha

Gurugram, Friday, December 18, 2021, 12:00 PM IST. Chennaiyn FC looks fotward in making a comeback in terms of winning in Fifth edition of Hero Indian Super League against on this Saturday. “Not at all, Vishal Kate will play the match aginst Odisha and I don’t have any one percent in my mind to replace him” said the head coach Bozidar. At the same time, he also mentions “this counts for all my players” as far this team is concerned.

First of all, I want to give him (Lukaz) the second chance on a row. Coach Bozidar mentioned that “it’s my planning was to give him the second chance on the road, that’s what the reason behind it” and of course we will have a better start in the first half. The coach did not understand the question but he managed to the question by “First of all, we are creating lot of chances but we are not able to score any goals in the match”. Even in the matches against East Bengal and others we are creating chances but not captialising in scoring the goals. It’s just a matter of time and we will score a goal in the next match.

Second of all, you need to have a discipline when you are playing in the highest level of the game like ISL and it is really important to have discipline and good organization skills when you are in defense and offense department of a team.

From the coach Bandovic’s perspecitive, it is really important to have the same compousure and temperament even after losing a game and he had specifically advised his players to have a strong balamce of discipline in out and off the field even though he still believes that one p;ayer can go up to the mark to score for the team. Nevertheless, the coach does not believe too much in taking excuses and Rafeal Claverio is under light training due to his injury which the coach had mentioned.

According to the coach, he has emphasized that Rafeal is under light training sessions and he has not played a game for nearly two months. In the meantime, coach Bozidar mentioned that he is not interested in talking about the replacements so early at this moment. At the same time, “sometimes it’s the preassure sometime it’s the situation of the game but What I believe the chances you make the more it would come”. Even for Lukaz, if we start scoring goals it will start coming automatically. For example — If you don’t defend it too well then you may concede the goals from the opposition.

We need a balance of these two areas and then we can implement the stamina of sxoring goal in the upcoming matches. Thead coach of Chennaiyin FC stated thr fact that it’s not such a big deal to make five changes in the match. Nevertheless, we make those changes as per to the situations of the match. Eventually, we make those changes based on what we see on the training sessions or the bench players we have in the team so at least we have can get a idea on whom to pick and whom to change players for substitutions where we don’t lose matched based on these weaknesses.

The coach’s perspective is when you play with the same team for three matches then you want the same players to be a part of the team. ISL is a short tournament with each game being played in evey third or the fourth day of the week and the players are required to have the same physical conditons for each and every game. Yes, the team needs to have the same physical condition for every match and we may change players if a player is injured or something. Therefore, it is important to play with the same team combination for any match.

After the loss to Mumbai City FC, coach Bandovic has doubled his belief of potentials from the players of Chennaiyin FC. “We need to be ready, it’s a new game with new three points and we need to go right from the word go”. In the end, we are looking forward to gain our confidence for the next match.

As per to Bandovic’s views, the main purpose of getting in front of the goal and make the most of the chances in scoring the goals. He also feels that players like Lukaz and Rafael are the best p;ayers to go forward towards the goal and score it for the team. Basically, apart from these two players everyone has the opportunity score a goal for the team. The coach also believes that the formatuib in the last two matches were at the right spot, he needs two forward players to go forward in the game so the defenders can be a sipporting team for them in the next match against Odisha.

The head coach of Chennaiyin FC also realised that they did well in the last two matches except they should have done better during the first half in the last match.

Head coach Bandovic mentioned “every game is difficult and we lost the last match due to small things. In the end, a team like Odisha is a strong team and they have few strong players in their side which may not be easy to tackle against them. But we need to implement the sme balance of discipline and concentration to play against a strong team like Odisa on Saturday.

In the end, the coach mentioned that every single team is difficult and the most important thing is we are ok and enjoyinf the spirit of the game.



The Short Point

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