Chennaiyn FC receives a big upset from the hands of Mumbai City FC

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Gurugram, Thursday, December 16, 2021, Cheenaiyn FC were looking forward to continue their undefated status. Since, they march forward against table toppers Mumbai City FC in the 30th match of the 5th Hero Indian Super League at PJN stadium, Goa on Wednesday. Even though, Chennaiyn has a great head-head record against MCFC let’s hope if CFC can go up to the mark with the records and stats on paper.

The first half of the match started on good note where both teams were hunting for scoring goals for their respective teams. Somehow, it was not easy for either of these two teams since their defense was extremely solid during the first half. Few players from MCFC had the Chennai team on it’s toes as Cassiou and Angelou were pushing too much to score which was making things too hard for the defense of Chennaiyn team during that half of the game. At the same time, the goalkeepers of both teams were making the play quite safer for each of the two teams to win the match.

As far the Chennaiyn FC is concerned during the first half of the match, they also started in a wonderful fashion. Their defence was accurate and they also tried to score goals but all went in vain thanks to the strong defence of Mumbai City FC. Luckily, it was Lucaz who had more determination to score the first goal of the match with the help of his fellow players but it did not happen. Even though, of the players was trying to copy Cristiano Ronaldo which impressed one of the commentators in the match.

What went wrong for Chennaiyn in the first half was the two yeelow cards they received from the skipper Anirudh Thapa and one more player which had added insult to the injury for them. Perhaps, they got the benefict of the doubt when Cassio and Angleo failed to score the free kicks against them. At the same time, there were some excellent defence helped the CFC team as Dombovic had defended the scoring opportunity of MCFC where they were placed in a secured position thanks to his play defense for the team during this particular half of the match. Nevertheless, it gives a magnificent chance for these two teams to get a strong hold of the match.

At the end of the first half, the scoreline was 0–0. At this point, it indicates that these two teams have a great chance to win the match. Both these two teams can reflect on what went wrong during the first half where they can try to not attempt the mistake in the second half of the match. Therefore, it will be a thriller of the match in the next 45 seconds of the match.

The second half had started on a more auspicious note where Chennaiyn FC had narrowly escaped on scorring a own goal in the beginning of the second half. Both the offense and defense department were right on top notch even though none of them have scored yet. But, there are still signs of hope and anticipation of any of these teams to score. Since, it is anybody’s game at the moment so there is nothing to be sure about anything right now. Let’s see how it goes towards the last half of the match.

In terms of CFC’s performance is concerned in the second half of the match, Lucaz needs to score for the team. It is really important for his team because if he does not score for the team then CFC can be in a big spot of bother and they may have to deal with a big challenge for them to win the match. In the meantime, there was also a shout or a appeal for handball by one of these players from the two teams was not heard by the referee. It seems like there was some sort of miscommunication between the players nd the referee which was quite awkward to see in the match. However, if the players and the referee are not in the same page during a incident in the match then the whole story of sport can be in bad impression for the future. Therefore, that referee should have been more alert when the players appealed for the handball.

After the handball confusion, there were couple of great shades of defense and attacking from both teams which were saved or defended by the goalkeeper from the Chennai team. Which shows how strong and determined to score for the team instead of the individual goal which might count counst for the highest scorer of ISL 2021/22. There was almost a chance for Mumbai City FC as the Chennayn goalkeeper had passed to one of the players and the player almost scored at their own goal post which could be a easy point towards MCFC and a disaster for the Chennai team’s perspective.

Well, “Mumbai needs to have the compousure in the match as Chennai has been in the top all the way through this half”. Which means Mumbai needs to get into correct frame of mind since Chennai has been doing well so far in this half so they can be in a position of either going for a win or draw this match. If by chance, Mumbai draws the match with 0–0 then there can be another case of points being given to both Chennai and Mumbai as they are in the top two positions in the points table of this ongoing ISL season.

“Mumbai had stolen the thunder of the match”. There was a goal scored by one of the players from the Mumbai City FC. The scoreline is now 1–0 and the lead has been taken by MCFC in the last five seconds of the match. The goal was created by a splendid corner kick from them which had failed the defences of the Chennai team. At the bottom line, it was an brilliant goal scored by MCFC.

In the end, Mumbai City FC won the match by 1–0 against Chennaiyn FC. It was a Fabolous performance by MCFC even though they struggled a bit during the first half but they managed to come out to win the match thanks to Cassio and Angelo. Chennai needs to pull up their socks for the future matches of ISL and they need to work on reducing the amount of free kicks or yellow cards conceded by the players. In addition, The Chennai team also needs to stop relying too much on Lukaz and Anirudh Thapa if they want to win this championship. It was a great match to watch and



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