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My Predictions on FIFA World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup takes place all over the world every four years, when countries like Portugal, Spain, Argentina, Brazil and others compete to play soccer matches. This is organized by the Federation International of Football Association which allows the World Cup to be held in certain locations and their stadiums. This time, the FIFA World Cup will be held in Qatar from November 20-December 18, and we look forward to the next few weeks from now.

Who is the host country playing in this World Cup?

This year of 2022, Qatar has taken the plunge to host, but in the past other host countries were Italy, Japan and Mexico. To my knowledge, these countries did a wonderful job in terms of the facilities they had provided for the players from these countries who had great success playing at the stadiums of these hosting countries. Despite recent criticism for mistreating the foreign workers for the preparation of this Cup, I am quite confident Qatar will provide excellent hospitality and help to all players from different countries so they can feel confident playing for the World Cup. I also hope the crowds will give tremendous love and support for their favourite teams over there.

Which teams are qualifying for this World Cup?

Teams like Qatar, Ecuador, Netherlands, England, USA and other teams have qualified for this World Cup. On the basis of their performances in the previous World Cups, I feel these teams are some of the finest teams I have seen in Cup history. The reason behind this success is that they have the players with the potential, confidence and skill to play and they can help to win a match not only by their individual performances, but through teamwork. Therefore, I have strong belief and faith in these teams and I am confident that any of these teams can be the favourites. I also believe a great support staff can help them to win any matches and this World Cup.

What are the match venues for the 2022 World Cup?

These matches will be held in stadiums like Lusail Ionic Stadium, Al Bayt Stadium, Khalifa International stadium and Education City stadium at Qatar. These 80,000 people capacity stadiums ensure there will be support and cheering for their teams. Furthermore, the ground staff will also make sure to keep the soccer field and the stadium safe and clean, so both the players and the crowds can enjoy watching these matches. However, I anticipate there might be a few safety protocols the crowds may need to comply with, for example — getting a negative Covid test results for everyone before entering the stadium or wearing masks before entering Qatar. Since Covid is not done yet we need to be careful so nobody gets infected. Please be aware of what we do while watching these matches, so we don’t fall in the trap of this virus.

Generally, all of these soccer world cups happen around June till July every four years. Unfortunately, due to Covid it had to be rescheduled to November-December 2022. Therefore, the first match of the world cup will start with the host country Qatar vs Ecuador on Monday November 20, 2022 and runs till the final, on December 18, 2022. Nevertheless, I hope this world cup will bring back happiness, joy and excitement to the sports lovers who enjoy watching because the coronavirus did not allow anyone to enter the stadiums due. I can guarantee that all sports fans will enjoy the soccer world cup in Qatar since you can go to the stadiums.

What effect has Covid preparation for the World Cups?

FIFA has advised people who are travelling to Qatar to have a Ehteraz app on their for the contact-tracing possibilities for citizens over the age of 18. Fifa has also advised the fans to have a RTPCR test done before entering any soccer stadiums in Qatar so nobody tries to spread this. Moreover, Fifa had also mentioned that there is no need of vaccinations before entering Qatar since billions of people are expected to visit there for the World cup by mid-November of 2022. With due respect to the magnitude of this virus, I still encourage people to stay safe while watching these matches and be careful of what you do so we don’t have to experience any lockdowns because of this.

In my opinion, I think players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Gareth Southgate, Neymar, Kevin de Bruyne and Killian Mbappe are the players to watch out for this World Cup. They have the potential and have a great track record where they have done exceptionally to win matches for their teams in the previous world cup. On top of their calibre and abilities to win matches, I still feel they still need to improve on their skills and ways to handle pressure from the big matches. I am quite confident that all of these players will definitely make a big impact for their respective teams to win this world cup where they can retain this status for the future.

However, I predict teams like Portugal, Germany, Argentina and Spain can be in the final four. It is because they have players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, and Jamal Musiala with their talent and the ability to score as many goals they can for their teams. At the same time, I also believe if the team management stop relying more on these major players instead of the rest of the players on the team then either of these teams can qualify for the final.

Who has World Cup sponsorships and broadcasting rights?

As far as the broadcasting of this world cup is concerned, it is being broadcasted on streaming platforms like Viacom18, Fox, Yupp TV and other platforms. On the other hand, it is sponsored by the sportswear brand Hummel and other brands from America. Yes, these brands will promote soccer but it will also help to encourage people to play the sport and try to make more awareness, which will earn both money and also keep the spirit of the game safe for the interest of the fans. Therefore, I sincerely request everyone to be careful of advertisements because they might be scams. But, don’t forget to enjoy watching the world cup.

Lastly, this World Cup might affect or disrupt the matches of English Premier League. Honestly, I disagree because none of these matches will interfere with EPL. I understand that EPL might be happening at the same time and that some of these players are participating, which might be giving headaches to the teams of the UK leagues. Let’s start appreciating what is going on in regards to the preparation for this festival of the sport.

I hope we can enjoy watching the 2022 Qatar World Cup and cherish every moment from this. I also wish all the teams best of luck in these matches — and don’t worry about winning and losing: just enjoy the games as much as possible.



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